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🔒 Privacy Statement
Buhay Batangas has no need for nor does it collect any personal information from its visitors other than e-mail addresses which users need to voluntarily submit when they subscribe to feeds from this web site or when they use the contact form which requires a valid e-mail address so that Buhay Batangas may reply if necessary.

Buhay Batangas runs on the Blogger platform, so it does not store these e-mail addresses nor does it provide these to interested parties.

Browser Cookies
The Blogger servers from which Buhay Batangas is served to end-users may send cookies to visitors’ computers or mobiles but these are meant to enhance the user experience when reading articles in Buhay Batangas. Readers have the option of rejecting these cookies by modifying browser settings.

Third Party Data Collection Services
Buhay Batangas uses a third party data collection service called Google Analytics which collates for analysis browser supplied information such as type of browser used, operating system, country location, time spent on site and others. Names, gender, addresses and other personal information are not needed nor are these collected. Readers of Buhay Batangas can browse the site in relative anonymity.

Links within Buhay Batangas
Some articles within Buhay Batangas are hyperlinked to other web sites whose privacy policies may differ from ours. As such, readers are advised that once you leave Buhay Batangas, you are no longer covered by the privacy statement contained in this page.

Buhay Batangas does not follow through social media accounts that are required to leave behind comments in its articles, but cannot guarantee that other parties will do the same. Readers are advised to avail of your social media platforms’ privacy settings to protect yourselves before leaving behind comments at Buhay Batangas.

Policy Changes
Buhay Batangas reserves the right to make changes to this privacy statement at any time but shall post a notification on the home page when it does.