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Batangas News

News releases are accepted on Life So Mundane for FREE posting depending on the quality of the submissions. These news releases must be Batangas-oriented and worthy of attention of the public in Batangas, except those that contain partisan politics or anything that be deemed objectionable.

To submit news releases, please make sure that these are at least three (3) paragraphs long, well written and in plain text format (i.e. written using Windows Notepad or any other software that generates plain text, with the .txt file extension).  Please include a good quality photograph related to the news release in .jpg or .png format at least 1200 x 627 pixels in dimension.  Send both text and graphic file to buhaybatangas@gmail.com.

For news releases such as the opening of business establishments, launching of products and other similar commercial activities, a minimal donation of ₱150.00 is required for the maintenance purposes of this web site.  Please make the donation using the PayPal button to the right of this page before sending the article and picture.