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Know the Most Frequently Used Names among the Barrios of Batangas

A typical barrio scene in Batangas.  Image credit:  Google Earth Street View.
It is not uncommon in Batangas if somebody is asked where one is from to be told that there is a similarly named barrio somewhere else in the province. So if there is anyone among the readers who is wondering if your barrio has a namesake somewhere, you are about to find out.

The Province of Batangas has three cities and thirty-one municipalities. These are divided into 1,078 barrios, most with unique and sometimes exotic names but quite a few with duplicates elsewhere, too.

Just to make sure that everyone is on the same page, frequency of usage pertains to the number of times a name is used in a city or town instead of the number of barrios or barangays with the same name. For example, Palahanan I and Palahanan II in San Juan are counted as one because both barrios used to be just one bigger barrio in the past that was subdivided for administration purposes.

Non-unique names such as “poblacion,” “barangay” or “district” are not included since these are used across the board not just in Batangas and will distort the counting. The reference materials used to extract data for this article are the Philippine Statistical Authority files used to present the results of the 2015 Philippine Census.

Lipa, Rosario, San Pascual and Santa Teresita
(Antipolo del Norte and Antipolo del Sur in Lipa.)

Bauan, Lemery, Lipa and Tuy
(Rizal in Tuy is part of the poblacion.)

San Agustin
Batangas City, Bauan Ibaan and Santo Tomas
(San Agustin Kanluran and San Agustin Silangan both on Isla Verde, part of Batangas City.)

Ibaan, Lipa, San Jose and Tuy

Santa Cruz
Agoncillo, Alitagtag, Rosario and Santo Tomas

Santa Maria
Bauan, Laurel, Santo Tomas and Talisay

Batangas City, Lemery, Nasugbu and Tanauan
(Wawa Ibaba and Wawa Ilaya in Lemery.)

Batangas City, Calatagan, Lemery, Padre Garcia and Taysan
(Spelled Bucal in Calatagan, Bukal elsewhere.)

San Miguel
Batangas City, Bauan, Lobo, Padre Garcia and Santo Tomas

San Pedro
Batangas City, Bauan, Malvar, Santo Tomas and Tingloy
(In Malvar, San Pedro II “Western” and San Pedro I “Eastern”)

Bagong Pook
Lemery, Lian, Lipa, Malvar, Rosario and San Jose

San Juan
Alitagtag, Balayan, Mabini, Malvar, Santo Tomas and Tingloy

Santo Niño
Batangas City, Ibaan, Lipa, Mabini, San Nicolas, San Pascual and Taysan

San Isidro
Batangas City, Cuenca, Malvar, Lemery, Rosario, San Luis, Santo Tomas, Taysan and Tingloy
(There are actually eleven barrios in Batangas named San Isidro, except that two are in Malvar and another two are in Santo Tomas. In Malvar, there are San Isidro East and Bilucao, also called San Isidro Western. In Santo Tomas, there are San Isidro Norte and San Isidro Sur. As per the criteria used, multiple instances of one name in one town or city are counted as one.)

San Jose
Alitagtag, Batangas City, Lipa, Mabini, Rosario, San Luis, Santo Tomas, Tanauan, Tingloy and Tuy
(San Jose Sico in Batangas City)

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