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Early 20th Century Postcards Show Nostalgic Images of Old Manila

Dewey Boulevard, Manila (presently Roxas Boulevard).

An obscure collection of postcards simply called the “Rudyuski Collection” sits among the digital collections at the National Library of the Philippines. Regrettably, no details are given as to the owner of the collection or how the postcards were accumulated. The subjects of the postcards are diverse, with images not only of Metro Manila but of indigenous tribes and different provinces of the country. This post shows only postcards of Manila subjects.

It is all well and good that the collection has been digitised and made available at the servers of the National Library of the Philippines. However, unless these are discovered, they cannot really be enjoyed and appreciated by the public. That is why this article is posted, to ensure that the postcards are not laid to waste because they do give a very comprehensive view of what life was in Manila just after the turn of the twentieth century.  All captions are as they are provided by the National Library of the Philippines.

Front view of the Ayala Bridge across the Pasig River.

City Hall, Manila.
A carromata, Manila.

Calle Real, Walled City.

Entrance to Fort Santiago, Headquarters of the Army.

Insular Ice Plant, Manila.

Pasig River Lighthouse.

Plaza Cervantes.

Santa Cruz Bridge.

Spanish Filipino Bank.

Tanduay Station, Manila Fire Department.

Monkey Cage, Botanical Gardens, Manila.

Fort Santiago and Anda Monument.  Manila's Custom House in the distance across the Pasig River.

Acknowledgment:  All postcards taken from the Ruyudski Collection at the Digital Library of the National Library of the Philippines.  To view the entire collection, click here.

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