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Rankings of Batangas Towns in Terms of Economic Dynamism, Government Efficiency and Infrastructure

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This is the follow-up article to the profiling of Batangas’ three cities. This time, I present to all readers a profiling of twenty-two municipalities of the province in terms of competitiveness. The information in this article comes from data collected for the Cities and Municipalities Competitiveness Index, an annual ranking made by the National Competitiveness Council through its regional arms.

The rankings are based on three pillars identified by the council necessary for judging competitiveness: economic dynamism, government efficiency and infrastructure. The rankings given for each municipality are nationwide for all local government units regardless of category.

Economic dynamism is measured based on the following:
  • Size of the Local Economy (as measured through business registrations, capital, revenue, and permits)
  • Growth of the Local Economy (as measured through business registrations, capital, revenue, and permits)
  • Capacity to Generate Employment
  • Cost of Living
  • Cost of Doing Business
  • Financial Deepening
  • Productivity
  • Presence of Business and Professional Organizations
Government efficiency, meanwhile, is measured based on these:
  • Transparency Score in Local Governance Performance Management System
  • Economic Governance Score in Local Governance Performance Management System
  • Ratio of LGU-Collected Tax to LGU revenues
  • LGU Competition-Related Awards
  • Business Registration Efficiency
  • Investment Promotion
  • Compliance to National Directives for LGUs
  • Security
  • Health
  • Education
Finally, infrastructure is assessed based on these parametres:
  • Existing Road Network
  • Distance from City/Municipality Center to Major Ports
  • DOT-Accredited Accommodations
  • Health Infrastructure
  • Education Infrastructure
  • Availability of Basic Utilities
  • Annual Investments in Infrastructure
  • Connection of ICT
  • Number of ATMs
  • Number of Public Transportation Vehicles

Data contained in this article is valid for the year 2015 and will naturally change depending on the data collected by the regional councils each passing year.


San Jose is Batangas Province’s most economically dynamic municipality with a score of 9.94. It is followed by Santo Tomas (9.45), Rosario (9.12), Lemery (8.97) and Balayan (8.86) in the top five.

Meanwhile, Tuy with a score of 3.48 is the least economically dynamic municipality in Batangas. It is followed by Calatagan (3.87), Lobo (4.21), Taysan (4.24) and Malvar (5.20) as the five least dynamic towns.

Below is the full chart inclusive of all twenty-two Batangas towns in the index:

Government Efficiency

San Juan, with the score of 15.99, has the most efficient government among the twenty-two municipalities of Batangas in the index. It is followed in the top 5 by Taal (15.51), Bauan (14.11), Lemery (13.82) and San Pascual (13.17)

Tuy continues to hold up the rest of the list with a score of 4.83, bottom among the twenty-two. Meanwhile, San Jose’s fine score in economic dynamism is negated by its 9.05 in government efficiency, next to Tuy among the lowest in the province. The remaining towns with the least efficient governments are Lian (9.17), Taysan (9.20) and Calatagan (9.24).

Herewith is the full chart inclusive of all twenty-two towns that are in the competitive index:


Balayan has the best infrastructure among the municipalities of Batangas with a score of 11.28, followed by Taal (10.77), Santo Tomas (9.54), Calaca (9.28) and Bauan (9.27) among the top five.

Meanwhile, the towns with the lowest scores in terms of infrastructure are Lobo (0.75), Laurel (4.14), Calatagan (6.39), San Pascual (6.46) and Lian (6.60).

Below is the complete chart for infrastructure inclusive of all twenty municipalities included in the index:


With all the scores for each three pillars collated, we find that San Juan is the province of Batangas’ most competitive municipality with a total score of 32.43, followed by Bauan (32.08), Taal (32.05), Lemery (31.91) and Santo Tomas (31.82) among the top five.

Meanwhile, Batangas’ least competitive municipalities based on their overall scores are Tuy (16.12), Lobo (17.01), Calatagan (19.59), Taysan (21.32) and Lian (22.84).

Below is the complete competitiveness table:

Municipality Ranking* Score
San Juan 103 32.43
Bauan 118 32.08
Taal 120 32.05
Lemery 125 31.91
Sto. Tomas 131 31.82
Rosario 156 31.13
Balayan 168 30.98
Nasugbu 307 28.45
Calaca 312 28.37
Mabini 324 27.88
San Jose 436 26.44
Ibaan 438 26.31
San Pascual 465 25.74
Padre Garcia 477 25.53
Malvar 507 24.88
Talisay 510 24.83
Laurel 612 22.88
Lian 613 22.84
Taysan 690 21.32
Calatagan 745 19.59
Lobo 806 17.01
Tuy 835 16.12
* Nationwide among all Local Government Units, regardless of category.

For those interested in verifying the information contained in this article or who wish to obtain more information about the competitiveness index, please follow this link to the Cities and Municipalities Competitive Index official web site.

To see the profiling of the cities of Batangas, please click the link to the right below.

[Note to readers: Not all towns of Batangas are included in the Competitiveness Index. There is no explanation given in the Competitiveness Index web site but my guess is that either the missing LGUs did not participate or the Regional Committee was unable to extract data from them for one reason or the other.]

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