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How Batangas Compares with other CALABARZON Provinces in Crime Incidence in 2016

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This article examines the crime incidence in the CALABARZON Region, with particular interest on Batangas, of which this web site is about. The data used for this article has been taken from the statistics made available online by the Regional Office of the Philippine National Police (PRO-CALABARZON).

The office releases monthly crime statistics covering the provinces of Batangas, Cavite, Laguna, Quezon and Rizal. The data for this article compiles statistics for the months of January to May of 2016.

The raw statistics are not supposed to be taken at face value because the population of each province varies from the others. Before I even present the crime statistics, let us take a look of the population of each province as per the 2015 Philippine National Census. The fairest way to look at crime is to treat it as a ratio of the population, which this article shall likewise proceed to do.


Batangas 2,694,335
Cavite 3,678,301
Laguna 3,035,081
Quezon 1,856,582
Rizal 2,884,227


Index crimes are those included in the calculation of the crime index. In the Philippine context, these are categorised into two: crimes against persons (murder, homicide, physical injury and rape) and against property (robbery, theft, carnapping and cattle rustling).

Batangas has the least number of index crimes in the CALABARZON with a total of 835 for January to May of 2016. The statistics for the other provinces are: Laguna, 957; Quezon, 1009; Rizal, 1113; and Cavite 1638.

The positioning changes if the numbers are treated as a percentage of population, with Quezon the top with 0.054%.  Batangas still has the lowest ratio of index crimes against population with 0.031%.


Non-index crimes are, of course, those that are outside of the calculation of the crime index. In the Philippine context, these are: reckless imprudence resulting to homicide, physical injury or damage to property; violation of special laws; and others.

Batangas, with 3248 incidents of non-index crimes, ranks second in the CALABARZON as far as raw statistics are concerned. Cavite (4349) has the most while Rizal (1602) has the least. The other numbers are 2695 for Laguna and 2673 for Quezon.

If the non-index crime statistics are treated as an incidence or ratio of population, Batangas remains at second with 0.121%. Quezon, on the other hand, assumes the top spot with 0.144%. The other numbers are 0.118% for Cavite, 0.089% for Laguna and 0.056% for Rizal.


When index and non-index crimes are added, Batangas is at second with 4083 total crimes committed. Cavite (5987) has the most while Rizal (2715) has the least. Quezon has 3682 while Laguna has 3652.

If crime is treated as an incidence or ratio of provincial population, then Quezon has the most with 0.20%. Cavite drops down to second with 0.16% while Batangas is at third with 0.15%. Laguna has 0.12% while Rizal has 0.09%.


Of the total number of crimes for each province, 3235 were considered cleared in Laguna by the PNP, 2071 in Cavite, 1804 in Quezon, 1702 in Rizal and 1485 in Batangas.


Finally, of the total crimes, 1454 were considered solved in Quezon, 1355 in Rizal, 1231 in Laguna, 1189 in Batangas and 1177 in Rizal.

For those who wish to verify the information contained in this article or read up more on crimes in the CALABARZON, please follow these links: January, February, March, April and May.

The effort of PRO-CALABARZON at transparency and to make all the data available to the public is commendable.

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