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The Ten Oldest Higher Education Institutions in Batangas

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1924 Tanauan Institute, Tanauan City

Image captured from Tanauan Institute Music Promotion Video on YouTube.

Tanauan Institute was founded in 1924 according to the Philippine Online School Directory. I could not find anything official to corroborate this over the Internet so I called up the school itself, one of whose personnel confirmed the school’s foundation year. I was told that the school’s official site was unavailable due to maintenance.

1923 Rizal College of Taal, Municipality of Taal

Image credit:  Roberto Verzo on Flickr.com.

Rizal College of Taal was founded in 1923 by the Quirino brothers who were originally from the Municipality of Lucban in Tayabas. By 1931, the school was already offering the complete secondary education program and eventually offered degree and non-degree programs over the years. (Rizal College of Taal official web site)

1914 St. Francis de Sales Seminary, Lipa City

Image credit:  Monmonch on Flickr.com.

St. Francis de Sales Seminary was founded in 1914 as Seminary College in the Municipality of Bauan, but was not officially established until the transfer of the college to the town of San Pablo in Laguna in 1917. It accepted even students who had no intention of training for the priesthood until 1924, when it became strictly a training college for those who wanted to become priests. The seminary was relocated to Antipolo in Lipa in 1941 and for a while had to return to Bauan because of the war. It moved to its present location in Marauoy in Lipa City in 1953 and gained the status as a regional college seminary in 1974. (St. Francis de Sales Seminary on Tumblr)

1913 St. Bridget’s College, Batangas City

Image credit:  Wikipedia.

Upon the invitation of Bishop Joseph Petrelli of the Diocese of Lipa in 1910, the Sisters of the Good Shepherd opened the diocese’s first Catholic School in Batangas City. The school was named St. Bridget’s Academy after St. Bridget of Ireland, which was but natural because the initial nuns who ran the school were of Irish origin. A college department was opened in 1946, necessitating a change of name to how the school is known up the present day. (St. Bridget’s College official web site)

1903 Batangas State University, Batangas City

Image credit:  FindUniversity.ph.

Batangas State University first opened as the Manual Trade School in 1903. It was headed by an American Principal. It was renamed the Batangas Trade School two years later. In 1953, by virtue of Republic Act 746, the school was renamed the Pablo Borbon Memorial Trade School. In 1957, the school’s name was changed to the Pablo Borbon Regional School of Arts and Trades. The school became a state college in 1968 and became known as the Pablo Borbon Memorial Institute of Technology. The institute became Batangas State University as it is presently known in 2001. (BSU on Wordpress)

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