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Batangas Congressional & Provincial Candidates for the 2016 Elections

The posting in this web site of candidates for Congressional positions for the Province of Batangas as well as candidates for the Batangas Provincial Government is done as a service to the public.  All lists are for the 2016 National and Local Elections and are obtained from Wikipedia and consolidated for the convenience of the voting public.

DISCLAIMER:  This list of candidates as provided in this web site are extracted directly from Wikipedia using cut and paste technology. Any typographical errors, therefore, are not native to this web site.

To verify any listings, please visit the COMELEC official lists here.

Provincial Governor:
Nicanor Briones (PMB)
Jose Antonio Leviste II (Liberal)
Hermilando Mandanas (Independent)
Marcos Mandanas Sr. (Independent)
Mark Liandro Mendoza (NPC)

Provincial Vice-Governor:
Amado Carlos Bolilia IV (Liberal)
Chona Dimayuga (PMB)
Danilo Guste (KBL)
Sofronio Ona, Jr. (NPC)

Member, Sangguniang Panlalawigan:

First District
Ramon Bausas (Liberal)
Christopher Jones Bello (NPC)
Robert Landicho (Independent)
Sophia Palacio (Liberal)
Rowena Raquel Rodriguez (Independent)
Roman Rosales, Jr. (Independent)

Second District
Genaro Abreu (Independent)
Amelia Alvarez (Liberal)
Arnel Arevalo (UNA)
Contesa Buted (Liberal)
Mara Fernandez (Independent)
Arlina Magboo (Independent)
Efren Reyes (PMB)
Wilson Rivera (UNA)

Third District
Divina Balba (Liberal)
Alfredo Corona (Liberal)
Pedro Reyes (Nacionalista)
Lino Rustia (Independent)

Fourth District
Gerald Alday (NPC)
Federico Caisip (Independent)
Jesus De Veyra (Liberal)
Jonas Patrick Gozos (Liberal)
Jessie Patron (NPC)

Fifth District
Claudette Ambida (Liberal)
Angelito Bagui (Independent)
Arthur Blanco (Liberal)
Jose Virgilio Tolentino (PDP-Laban)

Sixth District
Rowena Africa (Liberal)
Romano Gonzales (PMB)
Lydio Lopez, Jr. (Liberal)

Member, House of Representatives:

First District
Eileen Ermita-Buhain (Nacionalista)
Valentino Lopez (Independent)

Second District
Raneo Abu (Nacionalista)
Nicasio Conti (NUP)

Third District
Maria Theresa Collantes (Liberal)

Fourth District
Lianda Bolilia (Liberal)
Victor Portugal, Jr. (NPC)

Fifth District
Felipe Baroja (Independent)
Danilo Berberabe (UNA)
Carlito Bisa (Independent)
Mario Vittorio Mariño (Liberal)
Hernando Perez (Independent)

Sixth District
Bernadette Sabili (NUP)
Vilma Santos-Recto (Liberal)

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