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More Classic DLSL Pictures Colourised (Foundation Week Edition)


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I am not sure about this, but the picture above looks like one of a student organisation called the Legion of Mary.  Anyone knows better, please make the correction using Facebook Comments below this page.

The woman in the middle is Mrs. Marella, mother of my classmate Danilo.  I recognise some of the gentlemen in the picture so this was likely taken between 1968 and 1970.

Alumni/ae who graduated up to the late nineties will find this picture nostalgic because of the statue of the Blessed Mother which was still very much part of the school's frontage until moved elsewhere when construction of the St. La Salle Building commenced.

Notice how sparse housing was still at Villa Lourdes Subdivision across the road, in comparison to what it looks in the present.  It is no secret that the subdivision's growth has run parallel with the school's.


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