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The Evolution of DLSL's Frontage, 1962-Present

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The picture above is really the face of modern day DLSL. During the Presidency of the late Br. Rafael Donato starting from 1995, a massive physical development program was undertaken that would usher the school into the new millennium.

I was at External Services at the time; and at one point it felt like we were preparing to inaugurate a building every few months.

The façade above is what would eventually be known as the St. La Salle Hall, the foyer to what would eventually be known as the 4-storey St. La Salle Building.

The building was erected, needless to say, also at the expense of school’s history. What used to be known as the 100-wing, where I spent my senior year, had to be demolished to make way for the new building.

Of course, the college has also started to grow so that the façade above has almost been relegated to a secondary entrance, the primary entrance being what has been loosely referred to as the college gate.

As a bit of trivia, the property over which the college grew was originally a property of the De La Salle Brothers rather than the school; and the purchase of this by the school was not completed until Br. Rafael was President.

In fact, it is the vehicular and pedestrian gates to the school in this part of the property which have become the arguably the school’s more recognisable modern day face to the world.

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