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The Evolution of DLSL's Frontage, 1962-Present

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I moved to La Salle High School from OLRA as a Grade 5 student in school year 1969-70. There were two facelifts given to the school’s façade when I was a student there, and the above picture was the first of these.

Too bad I do not have the scan of the original picture; and instead the above was a picture of the original taken with a digital camera. It is never a good idea to take a picture of another picture; hence the colourising job I did above looks awfully crude, if I am being honest.

The frontage above was built early seventies if memory serves me right; and if it was built earlier, somebody please point out in the comments section below.

The ‘salakot’ (a Filipino farm hat) inspired design of the roofing extended to the edge of the national highway, which allowed us to wait for our jeepneys safely even when it was raining hard. In fact, I recall that jeepneys were allowed to drive into that little driveway near the school’s front gate to pick up passengers.

Notice that the two-storey 400- or 500-wing building has already been built. At around this time, the building was home to the Grade School and the Juniors and Seniors.

In fact, I spent my freshman year at the 200 wing and my sophomore year at the parallel 300 wing.

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