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Never Google, Says NBA Player of His Surname

Image credit:  Slamonline.com.

And on the lighter side, those of you who are basketball fans and of the NBA in particular will likely have heard of this 6’ 7” French-born shooting guard by the name of Evan Mehdi Fournier.

Having played junior basketball for the French National Institute of Sport and Physical Education, Fournier went on to play professional basketball for Nanterre and Poitiers in the French basketball league.

In 2012, Fournier was picked by the Denver Nuggets in the 20th round of the NBA draft. He stayed with the Nuggets until 2014, when he was snapped up by the Orlando Magic for which he currently plays.

In February 2014, Fournier himself via his Twitter account admonished fans never to Google his last name. Because of this tweet, he is fast becoming known among basketball circles as “Never Google” Fournier.

It helps a little if you use the search string “Evan Fournier.” Including his first name will at least yield a list of basketball related links, albeit one or two will inevitably mention the Never Google moniker.

However, using just the name “Fournier” immediately yields at the top of the search results a link to a Wikipedia page that describes a disease common among elderly men and usually affects the perineum.

This is the area between the scrotum and the anus. The disease itself was named after the 20th century dermatologist by the name of Jean Alfred Fournier and is said to be common among those with diabetes and alcoholics.

Evan Fournier must have seen this, hence his admonition. The picture alone is quite nasty to say the least.

So seriously do not Google it, but since you likely will… Google.com

And make sure you have a piss pot to puke into if you are the squeamish sort…