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PNP Board of Inquiry, The Mamasapano Report

As a service to the public, specifically citizens interested in the PNP Board of Inquiry's Mamasapano Report of March 2015 but who are unable to access the PNP web site due to the volume of web traffic; and to assist the PNP in its desire to provide the report to the public in the spirit of transparency, Life So Mundane makes a copy of the report available for viewing.

The copy of the report was downloaded from the official web site of the Philippine National Police at http://pnp.gov.ph/portal/ and has not been altered in any way. Alternatively, the original copy is available at http://pnp.gov.ph/portal/images/boimamasapano/boi_final.pdf.

To scroll, turn the scroll roller of your mouse. To download a copy to your hard drive, right click and find the Download Copy command.