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Aina Solano’s Eviction from PBB All In No Surprise

Santa Maria ng Kadramahan! I still cannot quite come to terms with the binatog of PBB All In’s 4th Eviction Night last night.

The choices were severely limited after Quezon’s Ranty Portento had given Batangas’ Joshua Garcia a free ride out of the eviction voting via Kuya’s intense if unoriginal get-out-of-jail challenge. Try as I would, I cannot recall where I saw a similar challenge before; but I had, methinks in a foreign-made show.

So, for the public, eviction voting was a straightforward choice between Ranty and the Filipina-Swiss Aina Solano from Boracay.

Now to the over-the-edge drama after Toni Gonzaga announced that Aina had been evicted. And the drama comically came not from Aina, who was remarkably composed about the eviction, but from the inconsolable Ranty.

Then again, he did not know that it was always going to be a vote to evict Aina; and social media has been a reliable indicator of how the voting public has felt about each housemate in PBB All In.
“Aina!!!!!!!!” Ranty wailed as she was ushered to the confession room for final words from Kuya and to view her testimonial ala American Idol.

Ranty’s reaction was reminiscent of funerals in the old days when widows wailed “Sasama na ako sa iyo!” before the graves of their husbands were covered with dirt.

And Aina hadn’t even died, far from it!

Even Vice Ganda, via his Twitter account, felt impelled to comment, “Matinde!”

The surprise of it all, although of course neither Ranty nor Aina were in a position to know, was that Aina had survived this far.

Twitterdom had not taken to her; and she probably became the public’s pet peeve after Valenzuela’s Ces Visitacion was force-evicted from the PBB House.

In fact, that she survived the 2nd Eviction Night was something of a shock. Axel Torres had been popular among the show’s Twitter fans.

The eviction was probably just a simple case of complacency among his supporters; i.e. everyone leaving it to everyone to do the voting, which ultimately led to everyone not voting.

If that makes sense…

Personally, I like Aina. She is lovely in a very sensual sense, the somewhat droopy eyes and full lips exuding sex appeal. Albeit, her cheeks seemed to have puffed up during her stay at the PBB house from the inertia, the food or both.

She had probably been raiding the fridge. Joking aside, she has put on weight inside the house.

I think most people – even her fellow housemates – rather tended to disagree with her frank demeanour. She had explained it to Kuya via the confession room that it was probably her Swiss upbringing. She was born in Boracay but flew out to Geneva with her family at the age of eight.

Either that or – what I assume – the Ilonggo blood in her. Ilonggos have this remarkable ability to be exceedingly frank and yet speak in even tones. Sometimes, other more euphemistic cultures do not take kindly to this.

Either way, I think Aina has simply been misunderstood in a cultural sense. However, the strength in her character as evident in how she handled her eviction will probably see her through life very nicely.

Meanwhile, back to Ranty…

His sacrifice in the jail challenge when he refused to open the door to allow Joshua time to catch up was either a marvellous tactic to win the sympathy of the voting public or he had really prepared himself to leave last night.

In the 24/7 streams, he would frequently tell the other housemates, “Sa Sabado pa ako aalis!” So maybe the hysterics last night were authentic.

Then again, he did not know that it was always going to be a vote to evict Aina; and social media has been a reliable indicator of how the voting public has felt about each housemate in PBB All In.

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