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The Witty PNP Hotline on Twitter

I first heard of the PNP Hotline account on Twitter via an online news article. The news article has boosted the account’s followers by roughly four thousand in a matter of days. I myself have followed this account and derive endless amusement just reading the tweets.

This is supposed to be an emergency hotline for reporting incidents that need police attention; but Pinoys being Pinoys, there are those who tweet nonsense to the account just for the sheer heck of it. It is these irrelevant tweets that can be so amusing; more so the trite but witty replies by the officer(s) maintaining the account.

Some of the tweets are below the belt, but the replies are always polite and try to use wit to offset the sarcasm directed, in general, at police officers across the country. When I have time, I spend minutes scrolling down the account's profile page and derive great entertainment reading the tweets.

I just hope that the really important tweets reporting incidents are not lost in the volume of inane tweets that people send just to amuse themselves; but kudos to the PNP and, in particular, the officer(s) maintaining this Twitter account for reaching across to the masses by way of social media.

Here is a collection of the wittier tweets:

Acknowledgment: Top photo from the PNP Hotline Twitter account.

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