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Notes on the PBB All In First Eviction Night

So Chevin Cecilio of Camarines Sur last night obtained the rather dubious distinction of being the first housemate to be evicted from the Big Brother House. The eviction came as something of a mild surprise.

Viewers of the show have always tended to express themselves on Twitter – and henceforth we shall refer to these as ‘Twitizens’ – so I rather suspected that teenager Loisa Andalio would be the one sent packing.

For some reason the same Twitizens had been roasting her on the social network the other week so that her BNN nomination – nomination by public texting – came as no surprise. I also thought that a lice infestation among female housemates that she inadvertently started would have done her no good whatsoever.

Apparently young Loisa has built up quite a fan base already, thanks in no small way I suspect to the young Batangueño Joshua Garcia. The Twitizens’ change of heart was apparently spurred by growing interest in the brewing relationship between the two inside the Big Brother House, so that the phrase ‘give Loishua a chance’ trended on Twitter.

Meanwhile, back on Twitter, somebody said very much tongue-in-cheek that since Axel is from DLSU and Manolo is from LSGH that the forced nomination was in the spirit of ‘One La Salle.’
In the end, it was Davao’s Maris Racal who came within a hair of being evicted, the advantage that she had over Chevin a mere .14% of the votes. Maris is pretty but not beautiful; but probably her biggest weakness is an utter lack of presence. She is the type of person you can mistake for being part of the wall in a room filled with people, if you get my drift.

The eviction of Valenzuela’s Cess Visitacion did not come as a surprise; but what did was the nature with which it was done – forced eviction by way of multiple violations of the house rules.

Twitizens had not been impressed with her holier-than-thou demeanour inside the house and her belligerent attitude towards certain housemates; not to mention her frequent shameless flirtation with Taguig’s Axel Torres. I was expecting her to get next week’s BNN vote.

Her eviction was celebrated last night on Twitter with the very unflattering phrase ‘Boom Malandî,’ which quickly trended after her forced eviction was announced. Twitizens can be an unforgiving lot even as she bawled her heart out on national television and was unable to respond to Toni Gonzaga’s queries after her eviction.

I always felt that the abrasive nature of her personality was something of a front to cover up confidence issues; so it came as no surprise either that she was crying like a baby after being forced out.

Another talking point of the Eviction Night was the forced nomination of Axel and Manolo Pedrosa, ostensibly because they asked questions about the outside world when Manolo’s Mom came to visit.

This is really quite contrived, if I am being honest. The questions both Axel and Manolo asked were so innocuous they could not be definitively considered as being about the outside world. The expression on both boys’ faces could not disguise their surprise at their alleged violations.

In the 24/7 broadcast which I watched via live stream after the eviction show concluded, some of the housemates were not impressed by this development, either. “They are doing this on purpose,” one said.

Some of them think that both Axel and Manolo are among the strongest bets inside the house and probably felt that there was a deliberate twist to the forced nominations. We will all see, I suppose.

Meanwhile, back on Twitter, somebody said very much tongue-in-cheek that since Axel is from DLSU and Manolo is from LSGH that the forced nomination was in the spirit of ‘One La Salle.’

Laugh out loud!

The final talking point of the Eviction Night was actor-model Daniel Matsunaga’s entry into the Big Brother House as a Celebrity Housemate. Too bad, some Twitizens very sarcastically noted, that Cess would not be able to meet him.

Where Matsunaga actually went, that I do not as yet actually know. I had the live stream on until close to midnight but the housemates were still by themselves mostly talking about the night’s turn of events.

Either the Matsunaga entry was very much staged for television or he was being given a lengthy orientation in the confession room the same way the Men in Black process arriving aliens. I just sneaked a peek at the live stream – it is midmorning – and the housemates are still asleep.

Matsunaga must have been introduced in the wee hours of the morning.

Acknowledgment: Top photo captured from the livestream of PBB All In 24/7.

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