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Mitoy Yonting of the Voice No Stranger to Showbiz

And to be fair, nothing about the rules says that competitors have to be undiscovered amateurs. But yes, Michael a.k.a. ‘Mitoy’ Yonting did set The Voice of the Philippines’ alight last night in the show’s fifth edition. Literally!

It was a lazy kind of show with most competitors choosing lazy songs; and the coaches seemed particularly choosy on the night. Mitoy was the final singer; and did he boost the energy levels!

The choice of a Didith Reyes song – ‘Bakit Ako Mahihiya’ – I initially thought was plain and simply horrifying. Especially since a pot-bellied 43-year old man had taken the stage.

The moment he started singing... Oh my Lord! He had Lea Salonga doing her orgasmic contortions. There are still those who think she’s OA. I think she is just passionate and competitive.

In fact, he used to be an actor in a GMA-7 sitcom entitled ‘Ful Haus’ which starred Vic Sotto and Pia Guanio. Mitoy was cast in the show as ‘Buboy.’
And it was just as well that Mitoy picked her over Bamboo. Because a former colleague told me over Facebook that Mitoy and his band ‘Draybers’ have been the front act for Bamboo in gigs at the Resorts World’s Bar 360.

So, are we to think now that Bamboo really did not have a clue who was singing before he turned around? But all the BS aside, Mitoy was like a breath of fresh air!

Not an angst-filled rendition ala Lee Grane of last week. Just pure energy and power. For a guy, his range is terrific even if in parts he was screaming. But that is where Salonga comes in. To iron out the creases and keep him melodic.

It was obvious from how comfortable Mitoy was onstage that he is no novice to show business. He did say that he played with a band in Japan. What he did not say was that he is vastly more experienced than he was letting on.

In fact, he used to be an actor in a GMA-7 sitcom entitled ‘Ful Haus’ which starred Vic Sotto and Pia Guanio. Mitoy was cast in the show as ‘Buboy.’

Of course, coming from a rival network as he does, maybe that was why he discreetly made no mention of the show.

By the way, Mitoy also has a page on IMDB which lists his involvement in four movies: ‘Pak! Pak! My Dr. Kwak!,’ ‘Si Agimat at si Enteng Kabisote,’ ‘Love on Line (LOL),’ and ‘Scaregivers.’

Mitoy aside, last night’s show felt rather laid-back. It rather lacked moments.

I felt sorry for this young lad Mac Escolano, a Marine Engineering student who drives a taxi to be able to send himself to school. He started well with ‘Maging Sino Ka Man’ but was so overwhelmed with nerves that he went sintonado in parts.

Of the contestants not picked, he was the one most disappointed and struggled to fight back his tears as his father tried to console him.

Cagayan de Oro’s Nicole Fernando said during the primer that she dreamt of singing a duet with Lea Salonga. She got exactly as she wished but none of the coaches turned around for her.

It’s all about the song choice, Simon Cowell used to say often enough on American Idol. When Salonga asked her to do a second song, ‘On my Own’ from Les Miserables, she sang what could easily have been a competition-winning performance. It was lovely.

Angeline Alcantara from Samal Island in Davao got Bamboo to turn around and almost giggled herself to death when hugging the former Rivermaya star. She was not sure if Sarah G was being serious or insulting when the latter praised her for looking so pretty.

‘Sure pô, hindî pô joke?’ she asked.

Moira de la Torre from Makati used to be anorexic as a 13-year old, can you believe that. And a good thing she got over it, else apl.de.ap would not have gotten a singer last night.

Salonga was at it again and asked her to sing one of the commercial jingles that she had done previously. The audience applauded in recognition.

The night’s only other successful singer was call center agent Gabriel Ramos, a church singer. He was probably the night’s best technical singer, not including Fernando’s second song which did not count.

He stated before his performance that he would have chosen Sarah G as his coach, which ultimately turned out to be a good thing because nobody else turned around for him. In fact, Sarah G left it so late before turning around that Ramos had to ask, “Pinilî nyo pô ba ako?”

And then came Mitoy to wrap up the show...

[Photos captured from http://www.iwantv.com.ph/.]

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