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For Kris? Or For James?

To think, when Pnoy had a go at TV Patrol anchor Noli de Castro during the news program’s 25th anniversary gala last year, that I firmly took de Castro’s side against the President. After having sat through Ted Failon’s brain-numbing interview with the Aquino sisters last night so that Kris could air her side against accusations hurled against her by former husband James Yap, ironically I am finally beginning to see why the President occasionally lets go against the media.

To see what I mean, go visit the CNN web site; or if you have little taste for world news, then even just the Philippine Daily Inquirer or the Manila Bulletin online. What will immediately strike you is the overflow of content that either site has for readers.

In other words, there are so many things going on around the world and even just in our corner of it. Why then, pray tell, did we have to sit through half an hour of primetime just so Kris and company could tell everyone that James was lying?

Who effing cares?

Why couldn’t one or the other have waited to guest in The Buzz or some other enterntainment talk show to air his or her sob story? In these shows, extended coverage will not be out of place.

Don’t anyone get me wrong. I am sure that whatever James Yap told the media the other night were things that he felt strongly about. And whatever Kris told Ted Failon last night, I’m sure she did so as well with strong convictions.

But has the need for privacy gone totally out of fashion that everyone now washes dirty linen in public? I mean, whatever is going on between Kris and James – I am sure – is best kept between them.

Of course, I know that both are public figures. Just because they are, do we really need to know what James does inside the confines of Kris’ household? More importantly, do they really have to tell us?

Which brings me back to Pnoy and his frequent protestations that the media defaults on its duty to bring to the public’s attention the entire and relevant truth about life in this country. After last night, I am rather inclined to agree with him.

For instance, in the same news show last night, the plight of Filipinos captured in Sabah earned no more than a passing coverage. And this, for crying out loud, was an affair of state!

Are we to think now that what a 5-year old named Bimby thought of his Dad for promising a video game that he had not really bought is more important than the Sabah story?

Allow me to take a leaf from the book of Miriam Santiago and say with the fullest conviction that may lightning strike us all dead! Our collective intelligence as a nation was just sucked out from our brains last night!

I appreciate TV Patrol and its heroic reporters so much when they bring into my living room footages of calamities such as Pablo late last year. Or when Korina Sanchez flies out to Rome to bring us breaking news about the conclave.

For things like these, I don’t mind the extended coverage at all. In fact, I totally appreciate it. The coverage of events like these, to say the least, is always appropriate and therefore very, very relevant.

But what is the relevance of an internal squabble between Kris and James? Both are on television often enough as things are!

Why couldn’t one or the other have waited to guest in The Buzz or some other enterntainment talk show to air his or her sob story? In these shows, extended coverage will not be out of place.

But on a primetime news show?

Add to this the Chiz-Heart versus Mama-Papa affair and I really begin to wonder if we are, indeed, nearing the End of Days. If media thinks that our lives have no more meaning than to follow the petty squabbles of celebrities, we may as well be!

So whose side do I take, then, in this sorry Kris-James affair? My answer is unequivocal.

For Juan de la Cruz!

It’s the only reason why I put up with the intelligence-sapping interview last night; and silently pleaded inside my head for Ted Failon to shut it so that Juan de la Cruz could start.

At least Juan and Hitler make no pretense of being primetime news material!

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