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Facebook: How to Prevent Friends From Sending App/Game Invites

For those who have gotten tired of seeing notifications for apps and games that you either do not play or are just plain not interested in, there is salvation for you yet! You can actually prevent the app as well as your friend from sending you invites and notifications again. There is no one way to block multiple apps and friends from sending invites, however; so tiresome as it may seem, you will just have to repeat the process every time you receive a notification.

Blocking may be more beneficial to those who have fewer friends; however. Suffice it to say that those with thousands of friend may take a bit of time before the annoyance goes away. At any rate, rest assured that once you have blocked a friend and app, you will never be bothered by those two again.

And by the way, do not be annoyed with your friends. Often, the apps get your friends to send the invites and notifications in a way that they do not even realize that they are doing so.

Step 1:
Click on the link to the Apps Center to the lower left hand column of your Facebook Home Page.  The link looks like this:

Step 2:
At the bottom of the left hand column, find the link to the App Requests page.  You will find a red box notifying the number of app requests waiting for you.

The App Requests Page will have something like this:

Step 3:
Click on the X button beside the Play Now button as highlighted in the graphic below:

Step 4:
You will be presented with the dual option of blocking the app as well as preventing your friend from sending you invites again.

I recommend that you first click the link “Ignore all requests from” if you no longer wish to enable your friend to send you any more invites. If you click “Block” (plus the name of the application, which has been airbrushed), the second link to prevent your friend from sending you invites may be disabled.

Clicking on "Ignore all requests from" (plus name of your friend) will bring up this pop-up window. Click Okay to never receive any invites from your friend again.

Clicking on “Block” (plus the name of the application) will bring out this pop-up window:

Click Confirm to never again receive any invitations from this app.  Remember to repeat the process every time you receive an invite.  It may be tiresome; but each time you do this you prevent further annoyance from at least one friend and app.

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