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Facebook: How to Highlight Posts on Your Timeline

I never ceased to be amazed by how many people are so obsessed by seeing who’s viewing their Timelines, as though to look at one’s profile page is an invasion of one’s privacy. First of all, whatever those annoying apps say, Facebook does not allow people or apps to see statistics or any other information on profile views. Next, if a user does not wish his or her Timeline or profile page to be seen, why is he or she on Facebook in the first place?

Instead of being paranoid about who’s viewing your Timeline or profile page, I suggest that you spruce it up, instead.

When Facebook first made the Timeline available, there were so many vitriolic comments about how confusing it is compared to the old wall. In fact, except for the two columns of the Timeline – compared to the single column of the old wall – it’s by and large the same.

Of course, in the old wall, the movement of posts was vertical, i.e. from top to bottom; and every new post pushed the previous one lower. The only difference is that in the Timeline, the posts move from left to right and then left again and so on and so forth. How confusing can that be?

There concept of the Timeline, of course, was intended not only to archive a member’s activities on Facebook since joining but also to include milestones in one’s life past and present.

Now, one feature of the Timeline that is not fully understood or utilized by many – at least, this is a conclusion based on the Timelines of friends that I have visited – is the HIGHLIGHT.

The dual column ordinary Timeline looks like this:

Turning one post into a Highlight enables it to encompass both columns, thereby making it more eye-catching. Hence, using the same example as above, highlighting one post will make it look like this:

Now here’s how to highlight a post:

Step 1:
Drag your mouse pointer over the star at the upper right hand corner of each post. You don’t actually have to do this each time, but it’s worth doing the first time to see the word Highlight appear as your mouse hovers over the star as seen below.

Step 2:
Just click on the star and that’s all there really is to it. To undo the Highlight, simply click on the star again and the post will return to occupying just one column as opposed to the two that a highlighted post occupies. The Highlight feature is particularly nice to look at when used with an album of pictures, such as show below for one of the pages that I own, Images Philippines.

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