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PBB Teens: Myrtle Win Predictable

So, cos-player Myrtle was formally acclaimed as Season 4 PBB Teens Big Winner last Saturday in the show’s finale held in Malolos. That she was going to win it was, perhaps, given away by the voting trends revealed in the show’s previous eviction nights.

If memory serves me right – and I must have missed only an episode or two of the late night edition – neither Roy nor twins Jai and Joj were ever nominated. In retrospect, this was always going to work against them.

Bicolano Roy, from a quiet and doubt-filled start inside Big Brother House, eventually became many housemates’ pick to become Big Winner. The Negrense twins, on the other hand, were probably the most balanced personalities inside the house.

While there was, naturally, risk in being nominated, it was also a good way to test and build up a following and, subsequently, loyalty among fans. Both Ilongga Myrtle – and Karen from Mindoro – were nominated frequently. While the initial stats were more evenly divided, the ensuing eviction night trends showed both Myrtle and Karen gaining more fans and starting to dominate voting stats.

Neither Roy nor the twins, on the other hand, were ever given the chance to build up fan loyalty. Roy was, in fact, given a free ride into the Big Night by way of a challenge.

Competing against Alec – easily the least robust among the male housemates – and the twins, Roy was always going to be the winner of the physical challenge. However, as the final voting showed, the free ride was always going to be something of a poisoned chalice.

So thus, it was rather evident that it was going to be a two-horse race between Myrtle and Karen. The former, who had earlier been getting the better stats than the latter, was given a further boost by getting more airtime in the last two editions of the late night show.

Primarily, the airtime was for her initial defiance and subsequent self-doubt about burning things the she and the other housemates thought precious and held sentimental value.

Then there was the tearful on-the-couch psycho-counselling with Kuya that I am certain convinced many more to reach for their cellular phones to vote. I do not know if this was ABS-CBN’s or Myrtle’s strat or if it was a strat at all. In the end, Myrtle’s lead over Karen was quite comfortable.

Who knows? It is probably no secret that the show is not only reality TV but also a talent search with the ability to test marketability once in a while. Perhaps the network had decided that in Myrtle, it had found true potential. Look at Slater Young, for instance, who hops from one engagement to another after his Unlimited Edition win.

Karen is God knows pretty enough – even prettier, if you like the catty type of looks – but is also probably a little rough around the edges. She is not just a little loud sometimes and can still look and act like the sort we call in Batangas palengkera.

This is probably hardly surprising because, although she hails from Mindoro, her family probably migrated from Batangas. Her occasional slip in using ga instead of ba when the show was early days yet was always the dead giveaway.

As for Myrtle, the Big Winner, I am happy for her, I guess. I have seen her kind, of course, since I used to work in a school.

I initially found the cos-play a little weird but I also became more convinced with each passing day that the cos-play was less of a hobby and a passion – as she loved to explain – and more of an escape from reality. This much she admitted to Kuya in that tearful final day tête-à-tête at the confession room.

In conversations with Kuya and fellow housemates, she often talked about her achievements, her search for perfection, her need to always prove herself and her tendency to over-think the mundane.

All these gave away was only profound self-doubt and fear; strange when one considers how pretty and intelligent she is. So, one sort of asks the questions against who and for what she is competing.

This win should be good for her. I also hope the win brings with it the realisation that she is prettier and more personable without costume and without the synthetic hair. In short, if she is being herself...

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