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Oh Silang! The Hiyas Is So Obvious!

So go ahead and laugh if you must. I’m watching a teleserye. Big deal! I used to watch Mula sa Pusô before because if I didn’t, I would so be the outcast at work. Everyone talked about the last episode the next day and was I to sit there thinking duh?

But, yeah, you’re right! I’m not really the teleserye-watching type. How I got started watching the adventures of Silang as he seeks the hiyas – and thus the teleserye’s title – owes a lot to ABS-CBN’s ridiculous inability to keep its own schedules.

As I had written before, I am a TV Patrol-Southern Tagalog regular. As everyone who watches the news show knows, one can never really tell exactly what its time slot really is. Sometimes it starts at 5:15 in the afternoon; and sometimes as early as 5:00, maybe even earlier.

So what I do is I turn the TV on with an ear half-cocked to what’s happening while I usually sit in front of my PC writing or surfing.

As things would happen, the ear cocked to the TV set just started to pay more and more attention to the unfolding story of the teleserye. That will be Hiyas, of course.

But this is so lame... To make a long story short, I got hooked watching. Abababa... Nawili...

Because I did not catch the teleserye when it started, I still only have a loose grasp on its plot.

As far as I can discern, the story revolves around this katutubô named Silang (played by Zanjoe Marudo) from a land far, far away up in the mountains who is desperate to marry this katutubâ – joke – named Giana (played by Mercedes Cabral).

Except that to marry his fiancée, Silang has to go down to the kapatagan to find the hiyas as a precondition laid down by Giana’s contravida of a father. This is where I’m somewhat lost because I’m not quite sure how the damned hiyas got lost in the first place.

Anyway, while looking for the hiyas in the kapatagan, Silang runs across a business tycoon’s daughter (played by Megan Young) whose fiancé Aldrich (played by Edward Mendez) stood her up on their wedding day.

She runs from the church, conveniently finds herself in the same bus that Silang was riding on his way back to the gubat and goes with him to live among his tribe of katutubos.

Ikaw na!

By the way, the tycoon’s daughter's name is Sapphire. Wink.

While living up in the bundok among the katutubos, although she ostensibly does know it yet, Sapphire starts to get involved in something of a love triangle with Giana and Silang.

Meanwhile, Silang returns to the kapatagan to continue his ho-hum search for the hiyas; while Sapphire returns as well to patch up with Aldrich. While Silang does not know it yet, he is likewise immersed in a brewing love triangle with Sapphire and Aldrich.

A double love triangle. . . Wickeeeeddddd!!!

Not that I will follow the teleserye till the very end. Yesterday, for instance, the replay of the Euro 2012 match between Spain and Ireland was airing at the same time Hiyas was. No prizes for guessing which I was watching.

Hiyas is cute; but no more that. The plot is nowhere near as thick as, say, Mulâ sa Pusô which in many ways was a tale of evil and redemption with many plots and subplots. That said, Hiyas does have its moments and blends drama and comedy seamlessly.

What I don’t know is for how long the teleserye can sustain my interest because the plot seems to revolve primarily around Silang’s search for the hiyas. In all honesty, I am starting to get tired of the bloody search. That said, I know that these teleseryes are not supposed to be cerebral exercises.

Pero I mean naman... Hello Silang!!! Kayâ ngâ Sapphire eh!

By the way, I didn’t know that this actor Marudo is a Batangueño born in Tanauan. I’m so not into these things and discovered this piece of trivia while reading up a bit for this post.

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