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Celebrity Tweets on the Pacquiao-Bradley Fight

And not as though moving on is not an option, because there really is pretty much nothing that anyone can really do about it, but here is a collection of celebrity Tweets on that controversial fight between Manny Pacquiao and Tim Bradley last Sunday. I cannot vouch for the authenticity of the accounts; although many appear to be owned by the celebrities of the same names. Still, going through them made for a truly entertaining if lazy Independence Day Tuesday.

At the bottom, I include three Tweets from definitely bogus accounts just for the sheer humour that they contain. I must say that everything you see in this post is not supposed to be taken too seriously.

Derek Ramsay (Filipino actor)

DJ Clark Kent (Hip-hop DJ and Producer of Panamanian descent)

Evander Holyfield (Former American professional boxer and world champion)

Gary Valenciano (Filipino musical artist)

George Foreman (American professional boxer and former world champion)

Justin Timberlake (American actor/musician)

Kim Kardashian (American model, socialite and TV/Movie personality)

Marian Rivera (Filipino actress/model)

Nick Carter (Member of the Backstreet Boys)

Paulo Coelho (Brazilian lyricist and novelist)

Rico Hizon (Filipino news personality with the BBC)

Rob Schneider (American comedian, TV/Movie personality)

Ruffa Gutierrez (Filipino actress)

Now for some certifiably bogus but funny tweets:

Fake President Noynoy

Jose Rizal

Pareng Andres Bonifacio

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