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The Alter-Ego That Is Big Utol

Since I got started watching PBB, the show has become something of a pre-bedtime ritual. It can be thematically mundane enough to be the perfect non-activity to get anyone yawning.

Not last night, however. Definitely not with Big Utol in charge of the microphone. Kuya is, of course, taking a wee bit of a vacation and has typically left his alter-ego in charge.

Big Utol. Of course, when translated, the name is the same as Big Brother. But that is where the similarity ends.

Where Big Brother is formal and always speaks deliberately, Big Utol is casual and talks like your archetypal kanto boy.

Where Big Brother is logical and sympathetic in his dealings with the housemates, Big Utol is perfectly capable of being quite, quite deranged.

That was why, last night, instead of the starting to feel sleepy while watching the show, I instead found myself wide awake laughing.

Among the deranged things that Big Utol has been capable of – stretching back to the Unlimited Edition – the tasks that he asked of the housemates last night have got to rank among the most certifiably insane.

Having called the housemates to the confession room alone or in pairs, he proceeded to challenged – which is really just euphemism for ‘ordered’ – them to eat the most vomit-inducing exotic foods he had laid out on the table.

Try ox eyes or even ox brains. I think there were also a frog dish along with another one made of insects. Yech!

I could not look when the camera zoomed in on the plates! I mean, just thinking of what was on them already made my stomach want to turn itself inside out!

Still, the expression on each housemate’s face was both priceless and hilarious. I say, I gotta applaud the spunk of these kids! Each looked just about ready to throw up but managed to finish off the contents of each plate, nonetheless.

Albeit, I could not quite grasp why Karen of Mindoro had tears streaming down her cheeks while chewing on the okras Big Utol asked her to eat. Hell, I love okra!

The funniest episode of the night, however, belonged to Tom of Davao. In Tom, Big Utol met more than his match.

Upon lifting the plate cover and discovering what Big Utol was asking him to eat – ox brain too, if I remember correctly – Tom proceeded to eat nonchalantly and without any expression on his face. When done, he had the utter cheek to ask Big Utol if he had more!

I laughed so hard I regretted it! It woke me up even more!

This Tom is something of a character. Nothing fazes him! He wears a perpetual smile on his face; and even when the other teen housemates are immersing themselves in petty fights, Tom will be happily going on with life inside Big Brother’s House.

It was another episode between Big Utol and Tom in the confession room that also had me laughing out loud all over again. Earlier in the week, Big Utol had declared to Yves (pronounced ee-ves) that he wanted the boy to be his Yves-pren.

Moreover, Big Utol wanted the two of them to have a ‘monthsary’ – a sarcastic take on Yves courting Myrtle inside PBB House when all the while he was sending a self-made MTV to a girlfriend outside in celebration of their monthsary.

Well, in last night’s show, Big Utol asked Tom if he wanted a monthsary as well. Perhaps a monthsary was too infrequent? How about a day-sary? Or even an hour-sary?

Tom being Tom, he agreed to all of Big Utol’s lunatic ramblings without losing his cool dude demeanour. It was hilarious!

I gotta hand it to those who conceptualize the show. Big Brother represents everything that is logical and orderly. Although nobody seems to know who he really is, his voice alone oozes with authority and conveys the need for things to be done right.

Big Utol, on the other hand, represents the mischievous if not the downright delinquent. He also presents the comic relief in stark contrast to Big Brother’s often dead serious demeanour.

Just like with the everyday people that you and I know; which is why PBB can be so fascinating. It is like watching characters who are almost exact mirrors of our own selves as we live our own mundane lives.

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