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Those Damned North Koreans and Their Damned Rocket

Am I missing something here? Just now on the news, some guy with a megaphone who I assumed was a representative of the NDRRMC was desperately pleading with some fishermen to please return to shore. “Your lives are at risk!” he tried to warn them.

Seriously???!!! As everyone knows, today was supposed to be the day when the damned North Koreans launched their rocket to put a satellite in space. Well, yeah… That’s the official excuse.

Not that they are for one moment fooling anybody into thinking that the technology will not be one day used to carry nuclear warheads. If it is not already…

But to get back to the helluva lot of trouble that they are subjecting a lot of people to…

The problem with the North Koreans is that they are so immersed in their isolationism that they do not know – and probably do not care – about what really goes on in the world outside of their own borders.

We are being told that nobody really knows where the goddamned rocket will fall. It is not, of course, that launching rockets is new science.

Duh! The Germans were launching theirs way back in WWII.

The concern, apparently, stems from the failure of a similar rocket in a test fire held back in 2006. The North Koreans are probably confident in their technology; but the other countries in the neighbourhood just aren’t.

All the manic preparation – and not only in our shores – is down to the possibility that the rocket will veer off course. Of course, if North Korea has not always been something of a loose cannon, then it would have realized long ago that it just can’t do something that may do severe harm to its neighbours and then say ‘oops’ afterwards.

That is just not the case. If the North Koreans care what everyone else thinks, it will not be isolationist in its outlook towards the rest of the world.

Yet, there are those who say that the concern is not really a matter of science. Instead, it is a matter of trust.

All the fuss has been caused by edginess among many nations who are understandably unnerved that an unpredictable country such as North Korea now has the means to launch rockets into space.

Meanwhile, the Japanese – wealthy that they are – lined up their surface-to-air missiles as early as last week ready to blast into smithereens any debris that may have the utter temerity to venture into Japanese territory.

But because we are the Philippines, we pray, wait and hope that none of the debris falls on our shores.

We establish no-fly zones and ask shipping companies to avoid the danger area. We also ask our fishermen not to go out to sea.

Never mind the airlines and shipping companies; but if our subsistence level fishermen don’t go out to sea, they won’t have anything to eat! It’s as simple as that.

The danger zone is an area of the Philippine Sea from up north in Cagayan all the way down to Camarines Sur. I know that the poor folks at the NDRRMC are simply doing their job.

That said, that’s a helluva a lot of water! What are the odds of anyone actually getting hit by debris?

On top of this, there are those who refuse to rule out the possibility of debris falling on land. Supposing the fishermen who were being recalled his morning dutifully heeded the warnings and came back to land.

And then the debris fell on them while they were on land… You get my drift...

To get back to the damned North Koreans, do they even care that they are causing so many poor people so much trouble? Since their own people go through such severe droughts and often do not have anything to eat, you would think that they would be sympathetic.

But no… They have to fly their goddamned rocket…

Talk about having bad neighbours! And because weather ruled out a launch this morning, well, our poor fishermen have to go through it all over again tomorrow…

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