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So Your Cable Channels Got Jumbled in Lipa…

If you’re from Lipa, then you probably got startled early last week to discover that your favourite cable television channels were not quite where you expected them to be. I don’t know what the local CATV did; but I love the changes!

It’s not so much the jumbling of the channels. More like the improvement of the reception of my favourite stations. It’s – like – I’m starting to rediscover the joy of watching television all over again!

For starters, I’m getting CNN again. I haven’t had CNN for the longest time! I had the cable guy come in a few months back because reception had become really bad. Although he tweaked the booster in a post somewhere, he could only do so much.

If I’m not mistaken, the problem with my CNN channel before was that it was being ‘invaded’ by ABS-CBN. I had the cable guy watch the screen as I did a manual tuning with my remote.

He could only scratch his pate and started blaming the cables leading to the house. Am I ever so glad I did not allow myself to be suckered into having new cables installed!

Watching ESPN also used to be a royal pain. For some reason, it was this channel that was most affected by radio interference in the neighbourhood.

I hated being forced to eavesdrop on people gossiping by radio! Dumating na ga si Rudeh…??? Over!!!

Now, it is not only ESPN which has been restored to its former resplendent glory. Even StarSports has improved somewhat in clarity!

I also had not enjoyed an HBO movie for years. The reception was just not worth the bother! Now, HBO is as clear as it used to be when I first subscribed to CATV.

Perhaps, the most improved reception is that of ANC. It was snowy even in the old days when I had CATV first installed. In recent years, it was just plain unwatchable. Now, there is no hint of snow whatsoever and is among the clearest channels. Amazing!

I asked for a station guide from the local CATV office when I paid my bill last week. The guide I received was not perfect; but at least I had a basis for reprogramming my set.

I like the way some of the channels have been bundled together thematically. National Geographic and Discovery are at 28 and 29, respectively.

CNN and Aljazeera are at 48 and 49. The guide I was given did not have BBC World; and the day I got it, there was no BBC, anyway. Later in the week, though, the channel reappeared; and I placed it at 45 just for the heck of it.

Solar Sports, ESPN and StarSports are at 34, 35 and 36. Balls Channel and Basketball TV, however, are orphaned at 23 and 24.

HBO and Cinemax are at 37 and 38. StarMovies is orphaned at 22; and curiously, there is a second StarMovies station somewhere.

The local stations remain pretty much where they used to be. It’s a bit odd that GMA News TV says that it’s at channel 11 but is actually at 14; and Studio23 is at channel 15. I don’t really mind.

By the way, if you’re wondering whatever happened to AXN Beyond, well, it’s that new BeTV that’s on channel 43. No, the CATV office did not tell me this piece of trivia. Wikipedia did!

There is also a new TeleNovela channel. Or, at least, I never used to be able to receive it if it was among the channels before. I find limited appeal, however, in watching Mexicans talking in Tagalog. ‘Nuff said.

Some channels still have really bad reception. I don’t mind, though. And that’s what I probably love best about the new channel setup. The crap channels are those with bad reception; and the really great channels have equally great reception.

Like I said, I have really started watching television – and not just the news and sports channels – all over again.

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