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Jessica Sanchez Survives to Sing Another Week

Yes, and Colton Dixon has been sent packing. At least, that is what all the reactions on Idol’s Facebook page seem to be saying. The ‘live’ show that StarSports pronounces its 6PM airing to be is not live at all. It is almost half a day late, as a matter of fact.

Well, it was bound to happen that Jessica would survive this week. There was apparently a massive campaign in the States for Fil-Ams to vote. A news show last night even showed our kababayans even staging a Vote-for-Jessica party of sorts.

Somebody remarked on Twitter that Pinoys in the States had not voted as frantically as this time. God only knows how many Mexicans were just as frantic as our kababayans were.

Personally, and this may seem strange because I am, naturally, a Jessica Sanchez fan, I would not have been surprised if she was in the bottom three again this week. There is no question about the singing ability, as the judges point out each week.

I agree completely with JLo when she told Jessica to try to ‘make a connection’ with the audience. Last night, Jessica sang perfectly in a technical way as always; but for the first time, perhaps, in the competition also somewhat looked out-of-depth.

Understandably, though, last week’s almost-elimination must have been confidence-shaking. She used to be cited in previous shows for her seeming maturity beyond her years; but last night she looked probably for the first time like a fraught teenage girl.

If I am being honest, I did not feel Jessica’s performances the last two weeks were deserving of bells and whistles. It’s all in the song choice, Jimmy Iovine says often enough.

How can Skylar Lane get all the up-tempo songs and Jessica left to do the ho-hum – picture me fanning myself – ones?

As for Colton, the judges’ reactions were mixed. They loved the way he interpreted ‘I Love the Way You Lie’ in his first performance for the night. However, the reactions to his interpretation of the classic Earth, Wind and Fire song ‘September’ were rather lukewarm.

Personally, I disagreed with the judges. I actually loved his interpretation. I recognized the song for what it was; but Colton’s interpretation was so innovative that it could have been an altogether different song.

Oh well, at this stage in the season, all the singers still left can either go all the way or get unceremoniously sent packing. If I had my way, I would have sent Hollie Cavanaugh packing, instead.

Never mind that the entire Liverpool FC first team sent her a ‘Good Luck’ video; of the remaining contestants, I think she is the only one who still has AMATEUR written all over her.

Colton Dixon was just unlucky; and could have suffered the same fate as Jessica last week.

I think it’s the curse of being that good: complacency among the fans. Randy Jackson said so as well in an interview when asked why Jessica was almost sent home.

As for Jessica, I hope she chooses better songs next week. At least those deserving of more Vote for Jessica parties in the States… I think she is the best technical singer of the remaining lot. So I hope she does not choose songs that will make me want to snore.

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