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That Awkward Moment

…when you see a person you have been avoiding walking the opposite direction towards you along a narrow corridor and you know that turning back will be too obvious.

…when you encounter somebody you cannot recognize who is beaming a wide happy smile at you, you smile right back to be polite and then belatedly realize that the person is actually smiling at somebody walking right behind you.

…when you are tired from a long day, feel lucky to get a seat in a standing room only bus for the long ride home and a frail elderly passenger stands right next to you.

…when in the middle of a crucial play in the game that you are watching live on television, you really, really need to pee.

…when a friend you have been gossiping about with another friend about something really scandalous suddenly arrives and sits right next to you.

…when somebody suddenly asks you about something that you had already lied about and you can’t quite recall exactly how you had lied.

…when you look at your cellular phone’s Sent Messages folder and see that the intimate message with sexual innuendoes that you thought you sent to your spouse was actually sent to somebody else.

…when you swear loudly then look behind to find a priest walking quite close just behind you.

…when you are suffering from severe diarrhoea and the bus that you are riding hits a huge pothole on the road.

…when you follow the lovely lady you have been stalking in the mall all the way to the men’s room.  Turns out she's not a lady at all.

…when you search all over for your glasses and then suddenly realize that you have them on.

…when you chase after somebody who you think is a long lost friend, excitedly tap the person on the shoulder and then the person turns around and turns out to be a total stranger.

…when you are alone in the house, sitting on the toilet bowl and somebody knocks on the door.

…when you grope for the remote to turn the television’s volume down because you worry that all the moaning will make your neighbours think that you are watching porn.

…when you order your favourite Chinese dish and then realize that you are in a Korean restaurant.

…when you cannot help but let go a silent but deadly fart and there is only one other person with you in a small room.  Denial is not an option.

…when you pick up the phone and absent-mindedly answer, “Hello Finance Department, good morning!” Then you suddenly remember that you are at home.

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