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Astrology in Management

A couple of years ago, during the golden birth anniversary celebration of my friend and former colleague Cora Abansi, in a short speech our former boss Sonny Lozano told a small gathering of Cora’s family and friends – which, naturally, included some school employees – this little-known fact: that all three of us were born on a Year of the Boar or Pig.

Obligatory oooohhhhssss and aaaahhhhssss… As though everyone understood the significance of that piece of trivia…

But then Sonny was quick to clarify that Cora and I were born one cycle after him – twelve years! This meant that he was born on a Year of the Fire Pig; while Cora and I were born on a Year of the Earth Pig.

When it was my turn – and only because it was a small cosy gathering of familiar people – I did not find it beyond me to do a little self-trumpeting, “People have absolutely no idea how lucky they are to have us!” In a general sense, the karma of those born under this eastern astrological sign is to serve and make people happy.

I would like to think that, during our time working together, we did exactly that. Albeit, I am not naïve and also know that it is impossible to please everybody.

Exactly what are the traits of those born under the Year of the Pig? Chiff.com says:
“Intellectually curious, honest and tolerant, those born in the Year of the Pig can be relied upon for their loyalty and often make true friends for life.

“Like the knights of old, Pigs are often highly regarded for their chivalry and pureness of heart, and will often sacrifice their own well-being for the greater good.

“The Pig can be very naive, however, and may easily fall victim to the unscrupulous who take advantage of their idealistic nature – as Pigs see everyone as loyal and caring as they are. Although forced to play the fool many times, they will just as likely hold fast to the notion that everyone is at heart decent and admirable.

“Stubbornly optimistic, the Pig will not tolerate those with well-meaning advice on how to be a Pig, but since they dislike quarrelling and discord their anger usually cools quickly. Sometimes looked upon as a snob, the Pig just finds it right and natural to exhibit good manners whenever possible. Their main goal in life is in serving others, and no matter how difficult circumstances become the Pig will never waiver or retreat, forging ahead in the sure knowledge that all will be well.

“Pig people love to read, are generally thirsty for knowledge, and not readily talkative, but if presented with an opportunity to discuss topics of interest with like-minded individuals Pigs may find themselves talking non-stop for hours!

“People born in the Year of the Pig are trusted associates in whatever career they happen to choose and often shine as entertainers, social activists or politicians.”
I will leave it to others to agree, disagree or spin-a-win! Does anyone still recall Jeanne Young?

But remember Sonny is a Fire Pig! Chinesezodiac.com says:
“The fire in Fire Pigs comes through in everything they do. They’re gutsy risk-takers and once they put their minds to something, it’s all or nothing. That applies to work, romance and goals. Fire Pigs make excellent leaders and bosses.”
Cora and I, meanwhile, are Earth Pigs. Chinesezodiac.com also has this to say:
“Earth Pigs are most content at home, with family. They never approach a task without first formulating a plan. Earth Pigs are better at being led than being a leader.”
Few in school knew this, of course. But the way I saw things, the role Cora and I had in the karmic wheel was to agree with Sonny when an idea was workable and temper his fire by pulling his feet back to the ground when it was not as proper Earth Pigs are supposed to do.

This was never more evident in the 2007 Year of the Fire Pig, which in a manner of speaking was also the year when a lot of the school’s programs were starting to really take off. Things were happening one after the other and right, left and centre. It was a fun and exhilarating year; but it was also one when my eyes were always glassy and ready to pop out of their sockets from sheer stress and fatigue.

That year, Cora and I went along pretty much with the flow but were also not averse about telling Sonny when we thought we all ought to step on the brakes for a breather. Who was it who said so much to do and too little time to do these?

But ‘nuff said about us. What about the Big Boss, Br. Manuel Pajarillo FSC? He is a year younger than Cora and I; and was born on a Year of the Rat. About his sign, Chiff.com says:
“People born in the Year of the Rat are one of the most industrious and hardest working in the zodiac.

“Forever busy in pursuit of an ambitious personal goal, at times they may become difficult to work with since they are born perfectionists. Rats must ensure that every “i” is dotted before completing an assigned task. As a result, they are often successful financially, and are good providers for their family and those they cherish most dearly.

“Loyal and loving, Rat people inspire loyalty in others who are close to them. They are essentially honest individuals and loath to betray a confidence. However, their quick wit and restlessness can sometimes lead to chattiness, and they can often be relied upon at large social gatherings for a good story or a juicy bit of gossip.

“Their energy levels and expert organizational talents are such that it is a rare thing to see a Rat person sitting idly by with nothing to do.

“They may even sometimes be viewed as opportunists who cajole others into helping them accomplish a great ambition. In their careers, Rat people can find much success as business leaders or politicians.”
‘Ayun pala naman! We should have all gone into politics instead! [Laugh out loud!]

It is worth noting that the Rat is most compatible with the Dragon, Monkey and Ox. The Pig, on the other hand, is most compatible with the Rabbit and Sheep. Working together was not necessarily like lying on a bed of roses (Salamat Bon Jovi!). But the tarp wall spoke for us…

I am old enough to allow the winds of change to blow me to wherever it wants to; because – at the end of the day – everything happens in God’s time. So, I would like to think that we came together – volt-ed in! – because it had to happen. I just hope that everything we left behind will stand the sternest tests of all – that of History and that of time.

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