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Forty Bucks!

I was tired from scrimmage, so I thought I would pass by KFC on my way home and get something to take home.

“Fully Loaded Meal to go, please!” I told the chubby girl at the counter.

“Will that be one piece or two pieces, Sir?” Aba, p’wede na pala dal’wa

“Make it two pieces, please!”

“That will be 170 pesos, Sir…” chubby girl told me after punching in my order, and then excused herself to prepare the meal box.

I kept a poker face, but in truth I was surprised. No, make that shocked! The last time I took out the same, I paid a little over one hundred. Albeit, one piece lang

Still keeping a poker face, my eyes scanned the brightly lit pictures of KFC products above the counter. There! One hundred and thirty pesos for a one-piece meal… and one hundred and seventy for two pieces…

Ah-ah… Forty pesos for a slice of chicken? Pukares din naman!!! Lomi na sa Pangao, may sukî pa…

Chubby girl was back in no time at all with my Fully Loaded box, and it took an effort to let go of the two hundred peso bills I had between my fingers.

When I got home, to my dismay, I opened the box to find a slice of thigh and a chicken leg inside. If those belonged to a football player, I would have immediately ordered more leg presses. Aba’y payat na payat

To think that each of those emaciated slices cost me all of forty pesos… Nakaka-adwâ rin naman…

[This story was first published on Facebook on 19 August 2008.]

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