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Pacquiao Throws in the Towel!

I am torn between laughing my butt off and being totally disdainful. Just a while back, TV Patrol ran this short item on the national kamao, a.k.a. Manny Pacquiao and darling baby of Mommy Dionisia, having a spat with followers in – of all places – Twitter.

I had been seeing this @CongMP account among the Follow Suggestions on my Twitter home page; but not really being a boxing fan and being only a somewhat Pacquiao fan, I really felt no urge to follow the PacMan. Tsk! Sayang! I missed the fun!

As everyone knows, the PacMan is in Baguio training for his upcoming fight against Shane Mosley. Everyone also knows that he is an elected congressman for the Province of Saranggani down south in Mindanao.

Last night, when Congress was voting whether or not to impeach Ombudsman Merceditas Gutierrez, the PacMan – or so he explained – was following proceedings on live television. On Twitter, he tweeted, “I vote NO! And I can give my explanation. Thanks.”

We will all give the PacMan – because he is such a national hero – the benefit of the doubt and simply assume that he understood that congressional votes are not submitted via Twitter.

A female follower, seeing the tweet, wanted to know, “Why are you not at the plenary?”

We will also all assume that the PacMan was either too tired from training or had slept through his course in Public Relations 101. He could have simply replied, “In Baguio training for Mosley.” Or, as many public figures do when they get mentioned on Twitter, he could simply have ignored it. Perhaps that would have been the end of the matter, who knows?

But then, we all ask ourselves, what is he the son of Mommy Dionisia for? Instead of taking what in all honesty sounded like an innocuous question at face value and replying with a succinct tweet, instead he chose to respond, “Eh ‘di magreklamo ka doon sa lolo mo, hahaha thanks.”

I thought the reply was taklesa at best; and please note the thanks at the end of it. Not everyone, though, has a lively sense of humor as I do.

Somebody else saw his response and tweeted, “To hell with @CongMP… Why the f**k did you run for Congress when you know you’d barely be present?”

Eh siempre naman, what is PacMan an eight-division world titlist for if he shirks away from a fight. So naturally, he replied in almost exactly the same manner as his did to the first tweet, “Eh ‘di magreklamo ka sa lolo mong panot hahaha…”

Pinanot pa ang lolo! But notice this time, walâ nang thanks…

If the three were in a bar engaged in repartee, the exchange would not have drawn media attention. Eh sa Twitter baga naman

It was getting out of hand; and before long, somebody tweeted, “Because @CongMP is absent, Saranggani Province has no say in a national issue.” To which I say, it serves the citizens of the province right for voting him into Congress in the first place!

I am tempted to argue that the PacMan should really have stuck to boxing; and indeed, those of us who are not the PacMan’s constituents know that he erred on the wrong side of caution when he went into what can be the ugly world of politics.

On the other hand – and let us all not deny that his lack of education will be our primary argument – the system is built so that we are not allowed our snobbery and tendency to be discriminatory.

It is just the way democracy is. It is about exercising the right to choose. If the people of Saranggani felt the PacMan had to be their hero in Congress as well, then we will all just have to live with it.

Until the next elections, that is; and that is assuming that this latest brouhaha makes the people of Saranggani realize that the days when the tough males with the beards and muscles were sought to lead have been gone for a few thousand years.

Personally, I think this is much ado about nothing; and the issue is less about the PacMan going into Congress and more about him going into Twitter.

For the record, I am disappointed that the PacMan has deleted his @CongMP account. Now people are saying he has thrown in the towel.

Does anybody know if Mommy Dionisia has an account?

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