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Strange Bed Habits People Have

If you were thinking that this would be one of those stories that would make a nun blush red as a beet, then proceed no further. This is a wholesome blog; and this tells no more than stories of what some people do to put themselves to sleep.

Most of us will just read a book or watch television to tire our minds out and induce yawns and heavy lids. Some men, perhaps, need a shot of whiskey or a can of beer. However, people can be extremely diverse in the ways they try put themselves to sleep.

I know of people who need to have music playing over their bedside radios. Most of these put on mellow music; although I do know of a few who do not mind rock – heavy metal, even. This simply has never done it for me. For one, my mind tends to sing along if the music playing happens to be one I know. For another, I rather tend to prefer the silence of the night as the best sleep inducer.

I know of a couple of people who, when they were young, needed to hold onto to one of their Moms’ old nylon night gowns for some reason. Do not ask me why. Who knows why some people do the things that they do?

There are those who need to have the electric fan whirring for the entire night; and, of course, they wrap themselves with their bed sheets from head to toes when the nights are particularly cold. There are some to whom I had tried to point out the contradiction – nay, stupidity – of doing this. But, of course, if the consequence is a whole night without sleep, logic is never really one of the considerations.

I used to know somebody who needed to have a mosquito net if he was to get a good night’s sleep. Fine, there does not seem much wrong with that. Except that he needed the net folded and tucked under his feet; never mind if the mosquitoes were buzzing all around him. Go figure that one out!

I know of people who need to drink a glass of warm milk before going to bed. That will have to be, for me, the surest indication that I will get up in the middle of the night. But then again, this is just me; and I can sometimes be lactose intolerant.

Some people need to raid the fridge for a bite just before bed; and God knows what the consequence is to the late night or early morning air. When my boys were served food before bed during the old days when we went out for tournaments, the nights invariably exploded into farting wars!

There are those who need to drink coffee before going to bed. Figure that one out, too! In my books, coffee is for the morning to get rid of the zombie-like trance left behind by a whole night’s sleep; and, indeed, Science will argue that coffee contains caffeine which is a stimulant. But what does Science know? There are really those who need coffee to fall asleep; and I am not fibbing at all!

I inherited, from my Dad, this need to take a bath or a shower before going to sleep. Yes, no matter how cold the night is; and, unlike my Dad, I never liked hot baths. If I do not take a bath before hitting the sack, I will feel that there are a thousand tiny unseen creatures frolicking all over my skin. Who can sleep with that?

Well, there you are! Talk about some really odd bed habits. I guess the obvious question to ask is what do you do to put yourself to sleep. And remember that this is a wholesome blog…