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There Is Always Humor!

Humor is something I will appreciate anytime, anywhere…

There was space for just four more passengers in the jeepney I rode on my way home this evening, but there were five factory workers – all female – at the kanto where the driver stopped to pick up passengers.

And all five got on…

Three got in at the back, and since every seat was obviously taken, the one who could not get a seat shrieked at the driver to wait so she could join her friend who took one of the front passenger seats.

Only that both passenger seats were already taken…

“P’wede pa ga, mamang driver?” she cried out loudly. And she got on, anyway, before the driver could reply…

The driver looked none too amused by the woman’s antics, but the latter was unapologetic. Never mind the driver’s stern face, she shrieked when the driver stepped on the gas to get the jeepney going.

One of the cheeks of her buttocks was hanging out the jeepney, she complained, so she loudly admonished the driver to drive slowly. Of course, the driver paid her no attention, so she screamed whenever another vehicle overtook using the service road to the right.

Her four other friends were having a right merry time making fun of her, and there were, indeed, smirks in everyone’s face backside of the jeepney. But she had no shame…

“Can I pay you 11 pesos instead of 11.50?” she teased the driver, “Kakal’hating p’wet lang nakaupô, eh!” And, of course, she gave him only 11…

I hated getting off that jeepney when I got home. It was such a happy ride. Even the tired faces before the group of five got on lit up when the woman started shrieking shamelessly.

To think that all five were on their way home after what, I can imagine, was a hard day’s work with minimum wage at the factory that they came from. They say we Filipinos are among the happiest peoples in the world. Yes, in spite of the poverty.

After tonight’s jeepney ride home, all I can say is, “Amen!”

Oh by the way… Did you know that there are washing machines made for women and others made for men?

I was in conversation with Kobe and Pao mid-afternoon in front of the Diokno, when Pao mentioned offhandedly that it is Weng, his wife, who does their laundry.

Kobe, always quick-witted, could not resist the opportunity to wield his wicked sense of humor. “Pangbabae pala washing machine n’yo.”

Then, eyes twinkling with mischief, he added, “sa amin panglalake eh!

And before you start believing this, that was just his way of saying he does the laundry at home, and doesn’t have much choice about it…

Humor! There is always humor somewhere…!

[This story was first published on Facebook on 18 July 2008.]

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