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Life Without A Cell Phone…

…was not too long ago… I mean, I spent almost four-fifths of my life without it, initially saw it merely as a cute toy for the uppity and did not own one until just about everyone I knew had his or her own…

So why was I so upset last night when my cell phone broke down?

I had been planning to replace its battery for sometime, had kept forgetting to do so… So last night the battery conspired with the switch to render my phone inutile until this morning.

When it wouldn’t switch on, try as I would, I started feeling panicky, illogical as that may sound. Pretty soon, I was feeling what you would call, if I were driving a car, road rage; except that the more appropriate term, in this circumstance, would be phone rage!

Really!!! It was not long before both my thumbs were sore from repeated pressing on the switch button, and when it wouldn’t, I had to control this great urge to hurl it against the wall or shatter it to pieces with a sledgehammer.

I didn’t, of course…

Ya have to give it to those marketing people… Ten years ago, I didn’t even own a cell phone! Neither did I think I would ever have a need for it. Now, not having it feels like losing a bodily appendage. Ouch!!!

I spent a couple of hours this morning, therefore, watching the repairman tinker with it. To his credit, he got it working, but only after I had slapped him a dozen times in my mind for not fixing the damned thing quickly enough. The cheeky bastard even managed to convince me to part with a few hundred pesos more for a new casing.


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