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Covering the Fenders

So…!!! It happened again…!!!

Just in front of the elementary school in Tambô, a teenage girl got on the jeepney I was in on my way to work this morning. She had a tiny pink t-shirt on, one with shiny beads sewn in front and a low round neckline. The shirt barely reached down to cover her navel.

What’s it with girls that they always feel, when getting into vehicles, that they have to raise their hands to their necklines? I suppose they’re either taught to do this by their mothers or it’s something that girls just do on instinct.

To cover cleavage, I would imagine; a gesture of propriety… In the case of that teen this morning, whether there was cleavage at all is entirely debatable. I have seen transvestites with more to brag about…

But this is not about female physiology at all; rather, the irony of an act of modesty that I can’t help but shake my head about.

I mean, because the teen wore a pair of low-waist denims, as is the current style, well… When she passed in front of me, true, she had the front fenders dutifully covered… but the rear ones smiled at me…

I had to lean back to allow her into the jeepney’s aisle, and as I did so, the rear fenders passed right under my nose. As you can imagine, I didn’t have time to turn away.

I have yet to see a girl get on a jeepney with her palm held to her butt, instead. Having said that, I don’t believe a lot of girls realize that there’s a choice to make in the first place.

Not that it’s for me to say what a girl’s gotta do… but… why bother??? As I can imagine old Batangueño folks philosophizing, hindi naman makukuha!!!

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