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Life Is A Book

To those who ponder the meaning of life – ponder no more! Life is a book…

There are those for whom the story of the book will always be simple – like that of a seed, which knows it has no recourse but to grow into a plant and bear flowers that will color the field.

Or that of a garden snail, for which the trek across the grassy yard will always be a daily labor…

Or that of the tiny bee, for which life is short and dedicated to the creation of golden sweetness inside the hive, so that the colony may thrive…

Then, there are those for whom the story is not quite so pre-ordained. Like that of you and I.

For us, the story is something we write each day with every breath we take, every thought we think, every word we say and every decision we make. And no story is quite like the other…

With every moment that passes, the story is written.

For those who are happy in this moment, know that happiness is fleeting. For those who are sad, know that it is sadness that makes happiness memorable. And like happiness, sadness does not last…

For those who have plenty, know that the joy of life is in the giving, not the having. For those who have none, know that you may even be happier than those who have plenty.

For those who fall, know that getting up gives one strength. For those who are standing, know that anyone can stumble anytime.

For those who love, know the endless and healing power of the emotion that beats inside your hearts. For those who hate, know that your hatred does nothing to the ones you hate; and that you only destroy yourselves with your hatred.

For those who are young, know that you have a story to write of happiness and sadness; of times of plenty and times with none; of falling and getting up to stand again; and of loving and hating as only we people can do.

For those who are old, know that you have written many chapters that you can look back at; but also know that your story goes on, and that the book does not close until you have breathed your last breath and closed your eyes to stare into the white light.

And even then, the story does not really end, for you return to the One for whom your story was written and for whom there is neither a beginning nor an end.

Life is a book…

[First published on Facebook on 12 April 2009, Easter Sunday.]

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